We have been providing weed control services to the amenity sector for over 25 years, primarily across the south east of England: including street pavements, , shopping centres, parks and cemeteries, housing sites, golf courses

Schools, and trading estates.

We always use the safest methods and the latest technology – which is why we first chose to use the RIVERLYNX CDA system back in 1996 having reviewed all the options on the market.

We find that the benefits of this method provide additional safety to operators, the environment and the public.  It is a cost effective and easy-to-use method of weed control, particularly when used with the Ecomark carrier liquid.

Operators can easily access difficult areas such as narrow passageways, and around street furniture which vehicle mounted spray equipment misses, and avoids the safety issues of vehicles on public pavements.

We have seen significant productivity and efficiency savings with the equipment easy to handle and lightweight. Just as importantly, we find the RIVERLYNX system very cost effective, and  that, with RIVERLYNX, the material and chemical costs are noticeably less than many alternatives out there.

Andrew John - CEO